Forum rules

(Try not to fall asleep on this page.)

Enjoy your time here at the boards. Just remember to adhere to the following rules, with others added if additional violations come into play.

1. Avoid bad/offensive language. If it must be used, make sure it fits the context, such as quoting the subject in question.
2. No flaming, insults, discrimination, or other forms of harassment. Be respectful to other users, and avoid jumping to conclusions.
3. Only one account per person, unless explicitly authorized by staff to operate an alternate.
4. No spamming. Repeat: No spamming.
5. Constructive criticism is allowed as part of the forum, but blatant attacks are not permitted.
6. Avoid backseat moderation. A few advisories is okay, but enforcement is restricted to staff members.
7. Do not post mature content in a thread, unless it is minor and relevant to the subject in question, which itself should also be suitable. If you must post mature content, use the "Spoiler" tag and provide a clear warning above it.
8. Avatars may be 150x150 pixels. If you want to use an animated avatar, keep it small to go easy on slower connections.
9. Images used in signatures should be kept small and static. If your entire signature takes up more height than your avatar, it is probably too big.
10. All attachments must be less than 100 KB in size. Anything bigger must be hyperlinked from elsewhere and cannot be used as an avatar or signature.
11. Do not steal content from other users and claim it as your own.
12. Do not (gang up to) try and get a user excluded from the site for any reason.
13. Except as a possible avatar, meme images are not permitted on this forum. They do not contribute to the discussion (unless you created a topic about the meme in question).
14. As for the software, this is not a forum for piracy. Please refrain from linking to sites that encourage this behavior.

Posts in violation of the rules are subject to appropriate action, and threads in violation may be locked on sight.

The three strikes rule applies to violations. After the third strike, the user will receive a 72-hour suspension. Subsequent lengths apply for multiple infractions:

1st suspension - 72 hours (for three warnings)
2nd suspension - 7 days (for two warnings)
3rd suspension - 1 full month (for one warning)
4th suspension - Permanent

If the user has not broken any more rules in the past three months, any strikes received before then will be removed. Suspension records will remain in place even after three months.

Severe violations such as death threats, libel, or attempts to compromise someone else's personal details are subject to an instant 2nd tier suspension. If such a user has already received a 72-hour suspension in the past, the 3rd tier will apply.

Some extra guidelines:

A. Keep posts relevant. If you intend to post in an old thread, make sure to contribute something new to the discussion.
B. Know what a "post just to post" means, and try to avoid this.
C. If you feel that your own post is going to sound like nonsense, it may be just that. Think before clicking that Post button.
D. Try your best to comply with copyright. If you need to post an image in a thread, make sure it is relevant to the topic.
E. Proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are all advised. If any of these details are overlooked, the post may inadvertently be acknowledged as nonsense.
F. Avoid posting comments in colored italic text, as this is restricted to moderation of other users' posts.
G. As strange as it sounds, you should consider the health of others when posting on this forum. Some avatars may cause seizures, and the wrong tone applied to a comment could also be just as bad.

(Okay, back to business.)


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